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Experts in Renewable Energy for Farms and Agriculture

Agri Solar, powered by Hafod Renewable Energy Ltd, part of Evolo from Certas Energy, brings renewable energy solutions to farms and agricultural businesses across the UK.

As a division of Hafod, founded in 2010 by David E Jones Fdsc, (Renewable Energy Technology) in North Wales – we are able to provide our clients with a wealth of expertise and a proven track record for delivering renewable energy solutions that make both environmental and financial sense.

How We Can Help You


Recognising Agriculture’s High Energy Demands

We know farms have huge energy needs from poultry to dairy and everything in between. We help you get the power you need from renewable energy, such as agricultural solar panels, making sure you’ll always have the heat and electricity you need for your farm.

Getting more value
from your land

Your farm’s land is a huge asset - not only do wide expanses of fields provide a good area for solar panels but your roof area does too! We find the most cost-effective technology for you, from installing photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels on your sheds to ground-sourced heat pumps underneath pastures.

Reducing your energy cost

Installing farm solar panels can save your business thousands of pounds. As prices continue to rise, bring fuel security to your business and reduce your outlay on electricity with solar energy.

Utilising renewable sources

In addition to always having the electricity and heat your farm needs, installing renewable sources and storage helps save thousands of pounds with the extra unused energy.

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